CareCredit Com RegisterEmail - How To Read Your Statement and How CareCredit Works

By Gavin | November 13, 2018

Within 30 days of your first purchase, you can expect to receive your first care credit healthcare credit card statement either by mail or online, whichever is most convenient. It may look like a lot of information, but it's really pretty straightforward, let's take a closer look.

The first thing you'll notice is a summary of your account activity, this provides a quick indication of any new payments, purchases returns, adjustments, and interest charges during the last billing cycle, along with your accounts credit limit, and available credit, and next to that you'll find the payment information, which includes your total minimum payment and due date. You'll also see a transaction summary section with a chronological listing of your individual monthly transactions, and a table that segments fees, an interesting year to date, the interest charge calculation section, highlights the Apr interest charges, an expiration date for each type of transaction you've made.

And then right at the bottom of the first page is your payment coupon, this contains all the important information concerning your total minimum payment, and when it's due and should be returned, whenever mailing your monthly payments, of course, provides you access to manage your account online.

Finally, you'll find the latest additional cardholder news and special information about your account. And that's it all your up-to-date care credit information for the month and one organized statement.