CareCredit Com RegisterEmail - CareCredit Using Your Card - The Basics

By Gavin | January 23, 2019

The CareCredit healthcare credit card offers convenience and peace of mind right in your pocket, you complete a simple application either online over the phone on your smartphone or in person at your health care providers office.

Before you start you might want to have some personal details handy, like your social security number and either the name of your doctor or which service you hope to use the card for. You'll also provide information about housing and monthly net income.

After submitting your application you receive a credit decision within seconds, if approved you get an account number instantly, and that's it, you're free to use Care Credit right away for your healthcare expenses even before your card is mailed to you within the following 7 to 10 days.

For more information about special financing options visit, simply present your card whenever payment is needed anywhere the care credit card is accepted, and by that we're talking hundreds of thousands of providers nationwide for hearing cosmetic, dentistry, veterinary LASIK, and vision, and many more.

After you make your first purchase you'll receive your first billing statement sometime within 30 days, you can pay online or by mail, whichever is most convenient just like any credit card, though you should pay on time never miss a payment and pay off your balance in full by the end of the promotional period, and that in a nutshell is the whole process.

Remember you can pay with care credit whether you're maintaining your health taking care of unplanned health care emergencies or having procedures that you've always wanted.