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By Gavin | August 02, 2019

Industry statistics suggest that roughly 50% of patients that have a hearing exam and determined that they have a need for correction walk out of the practice tested not soul obviously, one of the major reasons that this happens is because of concerns about price and financing.

where can carecredit be used?

Recently CareCredit reached out to Rothstein Talbot a global marketing company to ask them to do a survey on our behalf of roughly 2,000 patients. One of the things that we learned is that the vast majority of patients were unaware that financing was even available while they were within the practice, and about half of them had indicated that had they been informed it would have been much more likely to move forward with the purchase.

Good news is that there are several different ways to let patients know that patient financing is available, for example, fifty percent of patients do research online, therefore having financing as well as technology and service when your website is really really important, this is why Care Credit has developed a website toolkit with buttons banners average.

Can I use my carecredit card for anything?

All of this that you can place on your website, the practice can also add a payment calculator to their website, which will illustrate to a patient just exactly what their monthly payment would be. One of the ways that we help providers who accept care credits a form of payment multiple grams is through window clings tent, cards video, patient brochures, and even a magazine in addition to these marketing tools that are available.

It's really important that patient financing is offered verbally to each one of your patients, a simple statement such as a lot of our patients to choose to take advantage of the special financing payment options that we have three Care Credit. If that's something that you're interested in letting us know, we also have a new patient which is a software that can be downloaded onto a practices tablet.

Can I use my carecredit card anywhere?

The patient direct tool gives patients access to things such as their monthly payment, how financing works, and it allows them to apply right then and there while they're in the providers office, the beauty of this is that helps the patient make their decision while they're in the providers office and go ahead and move forward to purchase that day.

All of these items are provided at no charge to our providers, simply call our 800 number and speak with the practice development specialists, and they would be happy to help you implement any of that.