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By Gavin | August 09, 2019

CareCredit com application that we know that every hearing healthcare professionals looking for ways to attract new patients to their practice will hear a Care Credit, we know that those providers that actually offer the Care Credit, healthcare credit card uses the small business tool to help them accomplish that goal, and it all starts with our network.

Can I use carecredit to pay medical bills?

Care Credit has over 10 million cardholders who are very happy and very satisfied with our brand, in fact, we know that 95% of our care credit card holders rate Care Credit as good to excellent value, with over 84% of them who would recommend Care Credit to friends into their family members.

What makes the care credit cardholder network so powerful is that a card voter, we usually use their card in one particular provider, and then they speak other providers who accept the card in their neighborhood for other services, that they may want for themselves or for their family to help them do this, they'll quite often go to our provider locator.

What all can i use my carecredit card for?

In fact, over 600,000 times a month both cardholders and consumer alike will go to the care credit provider locator to find other providers that accept the care credit card for the healthcare services, as a provider who accepts the Care Credit healthcare credit card you have the power to tap into the network by putting information about special financing on your website as well as advertising.

Why is that important for you? When we know that consumers know that there's a convenient way in which they can fit your services or products into their monthly budget, find it very easy for them to go to providers, like yourselves who offer this service, putting information about care credit and financing options on your website and in your advertisement, actually helps to relieve the frustration and the barriers of costs that many patients and consumers have.

Can I use carecredit for vet bills?

When they're seeking out services or product from your practice Care Credit value all of our providers so much so that we offer them a free advertising toolkit, the tools, and materials that are in the sizing tool kids, are really there to help you position special financing for the patient's needs.

There are payment calculators in there, there are buttons, there are sample wordings that you can put on your website, all designed to help you position financing and very positive light for all your patients. Care Credit has over a hundred and ninety five thousand healthcare providers that also accept the care credit card, our network of providers hat dentistry veterinary --an vision optometry and other services that had patients of like mind, who accept the Care Credit part for their services setting up a professional referral program with other providers, in your area has proven to be a real source of new patients. These are just a few of the ways in which hearing healthcare professionals can use special financing from Care Credit as a tool to attract new patients to their practices.