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By Gavin | May 05, 2019

We have a great program, CareCredit is a health care credit card, one of several in the industry, we have a hundred and thirty-five thousand providers as part of our network, seven million consumers have Care Credit.

Can I Use CareCredit for Anything?

Today it's a growing expanding program that covers everything, including the dental vet, cosmetic, surgeries, audiology, and vision programs. I love their program, if it was not because of them I would not have my pearly white straight any gap teeth that I was able to have on my wedding day.

Care credit is a great service, care credit is there when I need it, and the most Care Credit was founded over 20 years ago by an entrepreneur who was interested in helping people get the health care treatment that they needed, and they can use it for their entire family including their pets.

Can I Use CareCredit for Glasses

I grew up wearing coke bottle glasses, and it was just the glasses were getting thicker and thicker and thicker, and when I contemplated getting LASIK, and I did the research, I found that it was really expensive, and I didn't know how it's going to pay for it. When I went to visit the provider that was going to do the LASIK, they introduced me to Care Credit, told me was going to be a smooth easy process.

What Can CareCredit be Used for´╝č

I applied it, went through, I got my LASIK, and now I can see I had a pet emergency, she needed emergency surgery basically, and CareCredit was there for me. It started with the hearing aid and then I went to start using it for veterinary benefits for my dogs, and we've used it for some dental work that my wife's had done gap, and these days our financing is more difficult to come people don't want to leverage their bank, part of their general financing for some larger ticket requirements that may come up they may be planned in the healthcare arena, and some of them may be not planned.

Can You Use CareCredit for Anything?

There are lots of consumer advantages for care credit consumer, can initiate the treatment that they need immediately when they have Care Credit, and make small minimum monthly payments and pay for that care over time. Paymar Care Credit bill actually through the Care Credit website every month.

Additionally, because we offer the deferred interest financing programs the consumer can avoid the interest payment as long as they make their minimum monthly payment, and by the end of the promotional period they pay off the entire promotion. I have my credit card, but that has a very high-interest rate, so if I didn't have care credit with interest of heard payments, it would be a lot more money on my shoulders.

It's nice the Care Credit has such a user-friendly website to view my bill, to view my balance, and to access it 24 hours a day. I go in there also to find providers when I'm not sure whether the doctor's office is taking care of credit or not, it's easy to look that up ahead of time.

We're looking for creative ways to allow consumers to access care credit privately, discreetly, simply, quickly, and then have a great experience. They'll use us again, the name of your product should be your mission and your goal in life. It's all about care, care credit is there, Care Credit is like a family to me, they care about our health, they care about our animal health.